Lotus – Our National Flower

August 17, 2007 at 11:25 am | Posted in national symbols | 3 Comments

Indian National Flower

How many of us have seen lotus in last 2-3 years? It is a very rare flower and can hardly be seen in Metropolitan cities. No no, I am not saying that you cannot spot it up, but only in shops.

So shall we say that selection of Lotus as our national flower was not correct? I think I cannot say it as of now.

If Lotus was our national flower, why was the authority granted to BJP to use it as their election symbol? In villages, people still do not know about political parties. All they know is their election symbol. So a normal villager will say – “Humko kamal nahin haath achchha lagta hai”. Isn’t it something bad for our national flower?

Organizing rallys to break and demolish Mosques under the name of our national flower? Is it correct? Come on, Lotus, our very own lotus require some sincere respect, which is out of books and merely education.

Let us hope to see some respect for our national flower in the future.



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  1. Nice photo, I know as I took the shot. Glad to see that it caught someone’s eye. I’m not sure what you are talking about in relationship to the Lotus and your National flower. I do know that I would travel the world wide to take pictures of these flowers if I had the means. I took this shot at a Chinese Lotus Garden in California and have hundreds of shots from that location. Became attracted to this flower when I lived in Japan for many years and also have a good collection of Lotus images from Japan.

    Sincerely, Robert George

  2. hi dear

  3. I want the flower, wher can found

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