A great dialogue to summarize Indianism.

August 19, 2007 at 4:18 pm | Posted in hindu, india, muslim, terror | 7 Comments

There is a fantastic movie called as “The Ghost and The Darkness”.

Om Puri is one of the Indian actors in this film.

There is a powerful dialogue in this movie which I found very correct.

“The blacks fight the white, the whites fight with the black. The blacks fight with the Indians. The Indians fight with the Indians.”

How true… This is indeed the reality.

How many times do we call a person by the region or the cast he belongs to??

The answer has to be nearly everytime.

How much do we respect other community’s culture? May be, never.

India might be culturally rich but patriotically, there is a lot of work to be done.

Hindu Muslim Riots
An Image showing the outcome of Hindu Muslim Riots.. It is indeed shameful.



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  1. I saw the picture and wept.

    • Sorry sir , there is no time to weep but to react for the peacefull environment.

      • Hi Sunny,

        I fully agree to your view and I myself do not support communal borders.
        Hope we get mature some day.

        Thanks for commenting,

  2. it was worst situation. too bad . what happen with this boy after this?

  3. We don’t have to comment on others , first we have to see devil inside us which makes us to do that………….we all don’t want any voilence but still we do that.WE also don’t think that other person is human like us who have emotions and feelings ,so first we have to kill the devil inside us .Just think over it..if this child is your son or brother………………..then still will you think of Allah and Ram ? JUST THINK OVER IT

  4. these kind f riots are not done by religous minded people but by frustrated and ignorant individuals who are just angry with themselves and the society so they take out thei revenge in the neme of religion. Sometimes it is Jihaad and sometimes it is Hindutva agenda.

  5. I think that we have to grow up and mature in India. We have come so far in growth, development, medicine, and so many other things, yet we cannot grow up enough to coexist with other religions and beliefs? We have to look past our own religious beliefs, and we have to look at ourselves not as Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Buddhists, Jews, Jains, or whatever else you may be, but as Indians. We all have our religious beliefs, and we all have to respect others religious beliefs. The founder of the nation himself Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi claimed himself a believer of all religions. We must follow his path of non-violence and secularism, the question is are we mature enough?

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