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I received this mail from Anurag sometime back. If this is true, it is indeed a shameful act by the government.
An excerpt from India Today:

Indian hockey players to go on hunger strike
Press Trust of India
Chennai, September 26

Irked by the “step-motherly treatment” meted out to the Indian hockey players, as compared to the emoluments given to the winning Indian cricket team, the team members have decided to go on a ‘hunger strike’.
Chief Coach of the national team Joaquim Carvalho was peeved that while title victory of his wards in the Asia Cup was ignored, Civil Aviation Minister Praful Patel and the state governments of Maharashtra, Haryana, Jharkhand and Karnataka announced cash awards for the cricketers for winning the Twenty20 World Cup.
“Why our hockey players are being treated like orphans and why our politicians are biased against hockey, the national game?” Carvalho asked.
Carvalho said, “We are grateful ever to the President of India for her sending individual letters congratulating the hockey players for their Asia Cup win, without losing a match.” He said a coach and four players had planned to go on hunger strike before the Karnataka Chief Minister’s house to protest announcement of Rs 5 lakh cash award each for the members of the cricket team, while “treating the State hockey players like dust”.

Carvalho said, “The Karnataka CM till date has not congratulated hockey players from the state for the Asia Cup win.”

“Coach Ramesh Parameswaran, manager R K Shetty and four players (Vikram Kanth, V R Rahunath, S V Sunil and Ignace Tirkey) are to go on hunger strike before the Chief Minister’s house,” he said.

This is our India dear friends. Anything is possible… Keep reading this blog, will post more stuff.



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  1. I watched the finals against Korea… really that was an amazing display of hockey skills… there was a time in Hockey where no team dared to face us on the field. That hockey team was compared to the invincibles team from Australia in cricket and Don Bardman himself once said referring to Dhyanchand “He is scoring goals likes runs”.

    I am sure if proper support is given to sport and is evenly treated with cricket we can get back to that glory…

    Afterall, it’s our National sport guys…

  2. Hi Kishan,

    Well indeed that was a great match… Every time we put the blame on the hockey team… The rewards are less, the money is few then why the hell will someone play to his fullest….

    Thanks for dropping by..


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