Long live regionism…..

February 6, 2008 at 10:56 pm | Posted in constitution, india, terror | 7 Comments
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No matter how much we boast about India as the largest democracy of the world, the truth still remains bitter. One rowdy can easily arouse the evil feelings of us Indians. The latest case of Raj Thackeray is an example.


Amitabh Bachchan was pulled into political spider-web by Raj Thackeray just to fulfil the interests of his party MNS (Maharashtra Nav-Nirmaan Sangathan). The result – Poor taxi wallahs and paan wallahs are getting beaten up in Maharashtra. This calls for an immediate action. What the hell is Marathi and Non-Marathi??? Marathis have to be the worst community to feel this way. I am not sure whether they are the worst in Indianism (I still believe Tamilians have the least feeling of Indianism)… So what is this all about…

I came across an interesting article on the web… Here is the link:


Thackeray insulting Chhath Pooja:



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  1. thnaks for the link

  2. True, and very sad. What’s sad is how common, middle class educated people ask “Why don’t they learn Marathi?” Is it so easy to learn a new language, and particularly when one is trying to make ends meet? And how does it help Maharashtra if all migrants speak Marathi???
    Do a good job, get the job, should be the only criteria. If I had to employ, say a driver, my only concern will be how well he drives. If I had to choose between two equally good drivers, I will employ the one who charges less. Let him come from Timbactoo, and have not a chromosome of Marathi DNA in his genes…(whatever the scientific terminology is, you get the idea) It’s ridiculous how these politicians can convince people to take such trash seriously. Reminds me of Hitler and his final solution..come to think of it Raj Thakre resembles the felllow : )

  3. I am living in london from past 3 years and being a dilliwala I communicate in hindi during my working hours or even in public places with my friends. Raj Thackeray may be surprised to know that no one has raised any objection, even in firangiland. And one more thing…. my girlfriend is marathi and she thinks raj thackeray is a biggest idiot in this core of earth.

  4. well what should i say ???? i m marathi and i m proud to be what i m but i dont think all my friends do speak hindi and other languages but i dont hav any problem let me remind mr. thackeray dat india is a democratic country and every 1 is allowed to do what he wants so what mr. thackeray is doing is total crap and bull shit and meaningless….. deva akkal de tujhya mansan naa………….

  5. It can be said as “Ek machhli poore talaab ko ganda karti hai”….. Ba

  6. “Marathis have to be the worst community to feel this way. I am not sure whether they are the worst in Indianism (I still believe Tamilians have the least feeling of Indianism)… So what is this all about…”

    What is your definition of an indianism? hindi? learn Tamil or Marathi (and you will be a better Indian then, okay?) and read newspapers in these languages. You will better understand then. Tamilis have contributed the highest in 1971 wars, they are highly there in IT sector and have a look at some decent politicians of India like P Chidambaram.

  7. @indianhomemaker,
    Marathi is the official language of the state, so whats wrong when they say that/ PLease go to Chennai, kolkata and Cochin once. They are right in saying that. If people have a problem with that, please leave the state!! It is as simple as that!

    And on your taxi example, you are a capitalist pig. The issue was all on ‘unskilled labour’, it involves no skill. But still, would you care whether that driver who works for less money, lives in slums, pavements or so? That is illegal to do, but of course, selfish capitalist pigs like you have no concern for that. What about police verification, especially in case of an outsider? Migrants are supposed to report to any police station within a week after shifting to a new state. And if your driver is from Timbuktoo, would you care for his visa and passport? Sorry, they are called as laws which are beyond your cerebrum to understand.

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