Sunny Deol – Boss of All

October 15, 2008 at 3:27 pm | Posted in india | 10 Comments

As we all know that India runs on Bollywood. There are a few heroes who are heroes in real life as well. Well Sunny Deol is surely one of

Sunny Deol

them. He can do all the things that a normal mind feels are impossible. Here are some not so well known facts about him:

1. Sunny Deol once fell from his bed and struck oil. The place has a well known oil refinery today.

2. Sunny Deol counts to infinity – 4 times a day.

3. Sunny Deol does not need a juicer at home. His hands are simply better.

4. Someone once commented Sunny Deol about his poor dancing abilities. This has been recorded as the worst mistake ever done in history.

5. When Sunny Deol farts, several hundred species go extinct. Dinosaurs were around the last time he farted, let’s not hope he farts again.

6. Sunny Deol does not require any operating system for his PC. The PC works itself by fear.

7. While doing push ups, he does not lift himself up. Rather he pushes the earth down.

8. Only Sunny Deol can divide anything by zero and give you an answer.

9. The handpump which he pulled out in Gadar is kept in Rashtrapati Bhawan as a mark of respect for Sunny Deol.

10. He can set anything on fire by just a magnifying glass. Even at night.

Hope you guys like the facts. Do send me more about him if you find out.




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  1. greeeat facts.. he really deserves the best….

  2. suny deo is my hero,he is unique of its kind


  4. he is a legendary star of indian history

  5. Sunny Deol is my hero and he is very handsome.

  6. I love you chaudhary ajit singh nauhwar mathura uttar pradesh

  7. Sunny deol is a impor tant hero,so famous of the man

  8. sunny deol is no if no but sirf jutt from singh arshdeep itly

  9. He is a very simple , bold and most important true hero

  10. Even Tanzania we like his movies

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