Sunny Deol unknown facts – II

October 15, 2008 at 9:23 pm | Posted in india | 2 Comments

This post is a sequel to my previous post about some of the lesser known facts of Sunny Deol.

Sunny Deol

Sunny Deol

1. Sunny Deol is the original creator of Taj Mahal. That too only with a kitchen spoon and a toilet paper.

2. Sunny Deol has been approached to change the path of Kosi once again to its previous stage.

3. Sunny Deol is the only person to know the last digit of pi.

4. On the last page of Guinness Book of World Records it is written “Sunny Deol is the original holder of all the records listed in this book. The names given inside are of people who came closest to the real hero.”

5. A toilet paper is just too soft for a man like Sunny Deol. He uses a sand paper instead.

6. Light travels faster than sound. Sunny Deol travels faster than both.

7. Sunny Deol’s heartbeat is measured on richter scale.

8. Sunny Deol uses a mixture of chilly and soya sauce to wash his eyes in the morning.

9. Sunny Deol does not know about this page and posting. Otherwise he would have removed internet from the world.

10. The easiest way to clear IIT examination is to write Sunny Deol as the answer for all the questions.

11. Sunny Deol once decided to sell his urine as beverage. It is known as Red Bull energy drink today.

12. Sunny Deol can cook Maggi 2 minute noodles in 30 seconds.

13. Sunny Deol can build Rome in a day. Infact he did it. Twice.

14. In a fight between Superman and Heman, the winner was Sunny Deol.

15. Sunny Deol never wet the bed when he was a child. The bed itself did it out of fear.

More facts coming soon. So enjoy.



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  1. That is waaayyy ttooooo funny- when sunny deol does push-ups, he doesn’t push-up, he pushes the earth down

  2. i love your film only

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