The Indian Software Engineer

March 9, 2009 at 7:27 pm | Posted in india | 2 Comments
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An Indian software engineer is the most screwed up guy you will find anywhere. The best part of the game is that he is unaware of this supreme fact and feels at the top of the world (just by looking at his salary statement, cars at young age and other materialistic things).

When the market goes down, every software engineer thinks that he will not be the one coming in the loop BUT shows off that he is highly afraid for his job and is showing sincerity.

I am putting a comparison of a government worker and an IT worker in India to show what all he miss in his life (atleast I am missing them):

Work Hours:
A government worker works for 8 hours a day (including lunch breaks), sleeps for 8 hours and has full 8 hours for himself.
An IT guy works for 12 hours a day, sleeps for 10 hours a day thus getting altogether 2 hours for himself in a day. He looses out 6 creative hours to a government guy.

Morning Routine:
A government worker gets up, relaxes, prepares tea, get his newspaper and read it, take a shower at ease, eat his breakfast and leaves for office.
An IT guy gets up and starts preparing for the day ahead at office. He gets up, immediately goes to toilet, have a bath (some even do not have it), eats his breakfast (some take it in the office and some skip it), and rushes for office.

Evening Routine:
A government officer comes back home, goes to the market to purchase fruits and vegetables, have his dinner at ease, relax for sometime, take a walk and go to bed at 10:00 p.m.

An IT guy comes back home when a government worker is fast asleep, warms his food (some do not), chew it in a flash and goes to sleep.

Fitness Routine:
A government worker walks a lot to get his daily requirement of exercises. He also jogs in the morning.

An IT guy climbs from ground floor to first floor by life (he feels exhausted if he takes a walk).

Needs and Greeds:
A government worker purchases a car after a long time of work and feels completely satisfied with it. He does not want anything else after that.

An IT guy is the most materialistic personality. He purchases a car after 4-5 years of service, and on the very next day he purchases his car, he flaunts the same on Facebook and Orkut. He starts craving for a better car very soon. Materialistic dog huh…

There can be many comparisons and I will post more but I am running short of time and will write some other day….



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  1. Interesting post,a sad state of affairs really!

  2. Hey, i like your writing man….
    I am satisfied that some one is there who is watching SW engs so closely, i didnt know that, seriously..Good show dude.
    One sincere advise , Dont waste your time in thinking other’s job, salary,greed,pride etc…Do your job, do you?

    “Idiots never died , they transforms to another idiot”…Huuu , no offence, just a thought.

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