Online Coupon and Deals Market in India

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Coupon and deals market has always been something that can not be ignored by people. People love shopping and people love deals. So how does the market scenario look in India?

The eCommerce market stands at a whooping 70000 Crore today (2013). This comes out to be slightly more than 11 billion USD. Couponing and deals market basically works over the eCommerce market and if we take 10% as a heuristic in calculating the market size for coupons, it is still a very big number.

We conducted a survey and tried to find out the penetration of coupons in India. Here are the results:

Total number of respondents: 117
Gender based distribution: Male: 87%, Female: 13%
Age Group: 30-39: 77%, 21-29: 23%
Marital Status:Married: 67%, Never Married: 32%, Separated: 2%

More than 61% of them said that they shop often online.
Convenience was the biggest factor in shopping online closely followed by discounts. Very few people shopped online for variety.

67% of the people did more than 20% of their shopping online.
90% of these respondents used a computer or laptop to make the purchase. They were not sure with the security in mobiles.

65% of the people used Google Chrome to shop online closely followed by 26% people who use Firefox.

Most of these guys search on Google and Facebook for coupons before shopping online. Only 28% of them go to any coupon website.

Only 31% of them like the way coupons are presented to them currently. They do not like the clutter through which they have to find deals.

92% of them do not want to go to any coupon site. They would love to see a service that delivers coupons right on your browser.

Thankfully is one such website that gives coupons to the users right on their browsers.

If you want to get more insights on this survey, you can contact me through posting a comment and I will share complete data with you.


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