Casteism in India – Some facts from the government database

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Some time back I analyzed the government database for crime against women in India. The results were surprising and insulting to our nation. Another issue that still exists in India even after 65 years of Independence is Caste-ism. So I thought of doing a similar study on the number of murders committed in the name of caste in the last decade (2001 – 2010).


Total number of deaths
444 (44.4 deaths per year).
If we consider the population of India then this number sounds too small. However, in a modern world like today’s even 4-5 deaths per year on the grounds of caste etc. are shameful.

Top States

  • Bihar – 179
  • Jharkhand – 59
  • Uttar Pradesh – 40
  • Chhatisgarh – 35
  • Madhya Pradesh – 27

That essentially means that top 5 states constitute ~77% of the total crimes in the name of caste. It is to be noticed that the five states are adjoining and similar communities live in the states. The people are hindi speaking, traditional, high level of believers and god fearing.

Most of the movies that are made around caste system show the protagonist to be based out of these states.

Complete list of all the states is as under:

No data is available from the north-eastern states. This can indicate either a perfect collaborative environment in which people from all the castes live, or a lack of data in the states.

Surprisingly Haryana and Uttarakhand show a zero figure. This is something I am unable to understand because of the reports of other types of crimes from these states.

Of the four southern states, only Kerala reports a zero figure. Probably some regression has to be done with overall education levels in a state vs. such crimes. I will do that and will post soon.

I am also surprised to see J&K in the list. They have other problems to solve rather than such issues.

This is it for now. My next step is to draw parallels between education and different kinds of crimes. Am hopeful that I will be able to find some correlation between education and such crimes that requires a narrow mindset which can be broadened by better and improved education.

Thanks for reading this post till the time.


A good website for every Indian

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Please pass on this link to as many Indians as possible. This website contains the link for all the government bodies:

You know where did I reach from this page:

It contains a HUGE amount of information which should be known to us. So it is a humble request to you all to pass this on.



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